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Client Services

Client Services

  • "Application Only" Leases

    Rapid turn around time and minimal information requirements make this simple structure the answer when time is of the essence, the amount is under $100,000 and the lessee is an established company with basically good credit.
  • Traditional Finance (Commercial) Leases

    Wide variety of features, variable payment schedules, lowest rates and terms from 12 months to 84 months make this the way to go in most transactions. Full financial packages are required and a wide variety of credit profiles are accepted and approved from $75,000 up to $25 million.
  • Master Leases

    A pre-approved line of credit designed to cover projected equipment investments for up to 12 months. Everything is pre-approved so subsequent schedules are easy to add. Terms are similar to Commercial leases with line amounts from $50,000 to $25 million. The major advantage of this program is that rates are based on the full line amount even if initial schedules are small.
  • Real Estate Secured

    We can enhance the doability of equipment finance packages with additional collateral where needed including such things as real estate, other equipment and financial instruments. This capability is often the difference in getting transactions approved for young or credit challenged entities.
  • Start Ups

    We routinely arrange financing for new or young companies for reasonable amounts of needed equipment. Limits are generally $50,000, but with additional collateral, can be significantly higher (see "Recent Transactions") and might include franchise acquisitions.
  • Franchise Funding

    When the need is to finance a business for a recognized franchise, our lenders are able to be far more flexible than average, so leases get approved which might not were the equipment ordinary.
  • Sale/Leasebacks and Refinancing

    A variety of solutions to generate operating funds from currently owned assets. Frees up cash to fuel growth.
  • QuailCap Also Offers Asset Based Lending; International Finance; Acquisition Finance; SBA Loan Facilitation and Debt Consolidation Loans.
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  • Lease Broker Funding